Asst. Prof. Manu Dube

Yeditepe University, Istanbul

Speech Title : A Data-based Sustainability Approach

Abstract : Sustainability is not an optional destination. The only question is whether we can determine a path that allows us to transition to sustainable development in an orderly manner while maintaining economic growth or whether we will wait for nature to impose it on us. Literature suggests we are falling behind on almost every metric, and there is a need to tackle the problem in a systematic and effective manner rather than haphazard steps that often prove counterproductive and economically unsustainable. We suggest that there is an urgent need to obtain actual data on the environmental impact of various economic activities and present a methodology that can help optimize investments on a cost-benefit basis.

Bio: Manu Dube is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences at Yeditepe University, Istanbul. He has a background in Mechanical Engineering and his research interests include mathematical and numerical modeling of complex material behavior especially with regard to reliability of electronics systems, issues related to computer modeling of complex systems, and facilitating solutions that are robust to the inherent variability in human factors. He has been a Consultant/ Subcontractor for material modeling related to borehole stability for an oil multinational, and Technical Consultant to the Board of a Turkish group for company projects and reorganization.


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